Thursday, March 6, 2014

Six Words That Changed My Life Forever

Welcome to Christ Company Resources. I am a writer originally from Minnesota currently residing in Texas. In the year 2000, I was twenty years old and searching for a lot of things. I knew Jesus. I've known Him all my life. But as a twenty-year old kid, I was having a hard time understanding my place in His world, and a lot of life didn't make sense to me. I knew I loved Him. I knew He loved me, and had saved me. But, I didn't know what serving Him meant. Having grown up in a pastor's family, I knew what a few aspects of ministry looked like, but that was my father's world. I knew someday I would probably marry a pastor. But I was struggling more with the fact that I wasn't married (twenty years old....I old), that I didn't concern myself with whether or not I'd be privileged to serve in that capacity. I shudder at the idea of me serving as pastor's wife at that stage of my life. Yikes. In fact, I shudder at the idea of me being adequate enough to do it now, as I am! Praise the Lord for His unending grace.

One day, I was thoroughly depressed. I was attending my home church out of habit, and someone approached me about helping with that summer's Vacation Bible School. The Christian Education Committee needed someone to tell the Bible stories, and to use the theater scripts provided through the purchased curriculum. I had, as a teen, directed a few children's choir productions, so I said, why not. I like kids.

So, they gave me a small cast of upper elementary and early junior high kids to work with. They were mine. And, I think it's what started everything. The fact that these kids were my responsibility, the fact that they needed instruction, and the fact that they were so excited about sharing the Gospel with the little ones ignited something in me I didn't know I had: the love of teaching, a passion for God and His Gospel, and the longing to combine all of this into a ministry in the arts. Yep....that's what it took for me to set aside my self-serving moodiness. Praise the Lord that He gave me (through the hands of those wonderful adults at church who loved and raised me into adulthood) the opportunity, literally, of a lifetime.

Six very important words that changed my life: "Sarah, can we do this again?"

On the last day of Vacation Bible School, our small, young cast said good-bye to our make-shift set and hello to Redeemer's Song Ministries (est. September 2000). God used this theater ministry team that we created to awaken a unique part of me that He had already instilled in my greatest depths. He used this team to shape me as a mother, sister, friend, and teacher, all of these roles in which I served in some capacity to many individuals. He used this theater ministry team to grow me, not just those involved, and He continues to use it in all of these ways.

The cast of "God, Are You Laughing At Me?"
Redeemer's Song Community Theater Production Christmas 2012

Christ Company Resources is created in light of this wonderful experience. I had the chance to fall in love with theater, with directing, and with writing for the arts, and now I want to share this with others. There are churches, communities, and directors longing for quality, Christ-centered script material, and many are looking for direction as to how to best utilize this tool in teaching others about Jesus. It is my hope that I can share these things with you, so that you too may be blessed in the arts by using it to serve our Savior.

Follow this blog as I share a few of my secrets, and many of the lessons I continue to learn!

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